Hot Sale Iron Staircase Balustrade

Min. Order: 10 Bag/Bags

Basic Info

Open method: Side Opening

After-sales service: Other

Engineering solution capability: Others

Application scenario: Apartment

design style: French

Variety: Entry Doors

Door material: Steel

Additional Info

Place of Origin: China

Product Description

Hot Sale Iron Staircase Balustrade 

Iron gates, which we generally call iron art gates, have a long history and have been widely used by us since ancient times. The high-quality iron gate gives people a heavy, rough, durable, simple and solemn feeling. At the same time, its color and fancy are full of artistic sense. The size of the wrought iron gate is proportional, but to be good-looking and stable, it must have a good design. In daily life, the size of 5 meters to 6 meters is more common, and a pedestrian passage of two meters will be added. Of course, it can also be designed according to its own requirements and conditions. If you must say what size is more appropriate, the person suggested that the width of the two cars should be the minimum width for the entrance of the residential area, and the height should be determined according to the ratio of the iron gate itself.

Our company was established in 1990, mainly produces and sells all kinds of high-quality iron railings for stairs, iron railing repair near me, iron railing fabricators near me, etc. Our technical backbone is composed of experienced designers and technicians to ensure that every product we produce is of high quality, unique and durable. Customers are welcome to consult and order. 

We have many other items that you are interested in: Villa Front Door, wrought iron fence, wrought iron gate, Wrought Iron Doors, Iron Furniture, Wrought Iron Garden Doors, etc. Please feel free to contact us for more details. 

Security, elegance, durability are just some of the qualities that characterize an iron entry door. Quality, attention to detail and delicate craftsmanship make our doors stand above the rest.
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Choose from one of our many styles or design one of your own. With limitless design capabilities, we are able to provide a door to suit the customer's exact specifications. Designs can range from simple and elegant to ornate and bold. Door styles are highly customizable. In addition to the designs, customers can pick the type of glass, hardware, door bases and colors. If our designs and countless customization can't fit your needs, GC iron doors can custom design and fabricate one for you.
Each Product go  through a 9 step finishing process:
  1. De-scaling and sand blasting to prepare surface
  2. Hot zinc galvanizing creating a rust proof alloy
  3. 1st rust proof undercoat painting
  4. Epoxy slurry to fill minor imperfections
  5. 2nd rust proof undercoat painting
  6. Base paint 1 to even colour
  7. Base paint 2 to prepare for final finish
  8. Hand-applied final finish
  9. Clear-coat protective finish for long lasting elegant beauty
Finish Options

Hot Sale Iron Staircase Balustrade

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Hot Sale Iron Staircase Balustrade
Hot Sale Iron Staircase Balustrade

Hot Sale Iron Staircase Balustrade

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