Custom Iron Staircase Handrail

Min. Order: 10 Bag/Bags

Basic Info

Open method: Side Opening

After-sales service: Other

main material: Steel

Engineering solution capability: Others

Application scenario: Apartment

design style: French

Variety: Entry Doors

Door material: Steel

Additional Info

Place of Origin: China

Product Description

Custom Iron Staircase Handrail 

Qualified anti-theft iron doors must be made of thick iron pipes, and inferior anti-theft doors are made of thin iron pipes. The thick iron tube is the thick iron tube that makes the ding and ding with the hard object, and the thin iron tube that makes the muffled sound of the shell. In addition, qualified anti-theft doors are coated with anti-rust paint on the bottom layer, while inferior anti-theft doors are only painted with a layer of paint on the surface. When inspecting, just scratch the bottom end of the anti-theft door with a hard object to see whether there is red anti-rust paint inside.

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Security, elegance, durability are just some of the qualities that characterize an iron entry door. Quality, attention to detail and delicate craftsmanship make our doors stand above the rest.
Iron Staircase Handrail

Choose from one of our many styles or design one of your own. With limitless design capabilities, we are able to provide a door to suit the customer's exact specifications. Designs can range from simple and elegant to ornate and bold. Door styles are highly customizable. In addition to the designs, customers can pick the type of glass, hardware, door bases and colors. If our designs and countless customization can't fit your needs, GC iron doors can custom design and fabricate one for you.
Each Product go  through a 9 step finishing process:
  1. De-scaling and sand blasting to prepare surface
  2. Hot zinc galvanizing creating a rust proof alloy
  3. 1st rust proof undercoat painting
  4. Epoxy slurry to fill minor imperfections
  5. 2nd rust proof undercoat painting
  6. Base paint 1 to even colour
  7. Base paint 2 to prepare for final finish
  8. Hand-applied final finish
  9. Clear-coat protective finish for long lasting elegant beauty
Finish Options

Iron Staircase Handrail

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Iron Staircase Handrail
Iron Staircase Handrail
Iron Staircase Handrail


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